Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Strawberry is a best fruit that apply for better health and give your energy.
Strawberry is a better fruit and nice taste. Now it is proven by doctor as good for combine with medicine, like vitamins that have strawberry flavor. After good comment on that now strawberry is a famous product and if you open shop that sell strawberries you may become rich.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crazy cat. All about animal.

Do you like animal. It is not just your animal but this animal is so cute. Perhaps you can make a video about your crazy cat. My cat looks like normal in front of me, but when I'm going somewhere there become crazy like eat rubbish, drink drain water, fighting, romance time and a lot of hide from people that cat done and clever to cover it. Sometimes thing that are hiding can be open.

Source: From my camera and the last photo is from internet.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fruit can speak- Eat the fruits.

Now fruit gift profit to us and It can make our age expand. Why expand? Because fruits gift vitamin, energy, solve your disease, good for brain, body and more that maybe your know that or not. Here I want share you something, people always say " An apple a day keeps a doctor away".  Thinking for a while, that is apple, how about other fruits like banana, papaya, grape, berry, strawberry, orange and more. If you mix all that it would be more benefit. Example you watch this video, I just want share with you about fruit and business that rich and worldwide.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early morning- Let's go eat burger!

On early morning what will you eat if your stomach bang and wanna eat your protein. If I really hungry at this time on 4.00 am, I will go to the Mcd that is locate near my house. Delicious the only the thing when I eat burger and fries  with the feeling of a little big taste from pepsi. Blow out my mind and later can continue after I really want to buy burger.
Above this is picture of burger at outside and not at Mcd. I going eat this burger yesterday evening. It taste very nice and first time and eat like want buy it for the second time. If you like to travel, why not going to Malaysia to enjoy a lot of different food than you taste and it have spicy and delicious taste than other countries. Here Malaysian called nasi lemak, laksa, tom yam, roti canai, cendol, air bandung and a lot of new thing and food type. Let's fly over the sea.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Water gift me energy!

I like to drink water, not just normal water but more taste and feel like addict to drink again. Reason to drink water again is because of the taste. Milo have their own taste same as all different product. Why I drink water, I think the answer is my body need it to gift me energy. Something feel like thirsty is alert me to get a drink and I like to buy a sweet and nice water if go to the grocery or supermarket, example 100 plus, vanilla coke, 7 up, apple and more!

Why I like water again and again? Why I cannot stop drink water? The answer is you already know. Body need water to gift energy and keep me healthy. Can't stop because it is make me addict and if I stop drinking you what it would happen. Sometimes you have to do that things that cannot be change everyday, it is water! Without food people can be alive but if no water??

Nowadays water use everyday and you are not alone, it is use by all people in the world to survive. If you make water for a drink business, I think it is the best part of business. You can rich even you only sell water not with other things. Believe me? You can prove by your self after try to open your own shop and just sell water and more brands like pepsi, coca-cola, sprite, and more. Sometimes if you want sell something, sell the thing that people use it everyday.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you learn something new that give profit?

Here I wan share with you all about using Google Sketchup. If you like to draw and paint, now try change it to money with playing with Google sketchup, you can sell your idea and design until become beautiful view and the best design ever. Here I show you what is Google sketchup is.

First what is out from your screen is this page.

Then you can design with tools and try to built house, even children can do this!

Get sketch pro if you more quality. Now you also can get free download Google sketchup. Usually architect use this software.

Now you can download for free, Google sketchup at here>>>>  or

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Always someone before tell secret to you, they trust and know that you are the only friend that can keep they own secret. Do you can keep your friend or cousin secret? Even they don't like you after you angry on something? 

I do a lot of research about that people can keep secret? I found 70 of 100 hundred person can keep secret all the time until they argue each other. Why 30 of 100 cannot keep secret although they are nice with each other. I found that they like to talk and forgot to keep the secret, and speak without think it as secret and just speak like usual. Second they are really want to share because want to know they friends opinion, because wanted to help to solve problem. 

The secret is too big or just your shame on it? People call secret because the "thing" can make them become shame or other people shame on it. More, maybe it is about money or big secret like the secret connect to your family or friends.

I will tell you example of big secret and low profile secret. Big secret is about making other person very embarrassed or will get kill by they self. Example you have kill someone and close the story with keep it as secret. Something that bad or good thing, that other people don't knew it called as secret.

How much is good thing we called secret? Always money in position in number 1, because people sell their secret? You know that? Example sell how to get 400 000.00 in one month, to know how? You need buy for this secret for example usd 200$, that called selling secret but that on category of making money, also call secret.

How about low profile secret? This is usually happen every where, example you know about your good friend money have been stolen and know who stole it. The stolen person is friend of you, and you keep it is as secret because don't want to share and the stolen person is your boyfriend.  

What have on you mind or good idea that give you income or profit that called 'secret'. You have you own secret that you have settle it? Share with me and I will get new thing about my reader. Thank you.

Create money with google Adsense is better.

I know Google Adsense since I see the ads and I just click, finally I found Adsense and I join. After a few month I get money with google adsense it is good. Google adsense also a better ads and you can become publisher or advertise to your blog or sell you thing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


1.We can see many millionaire in world but this is top 8 famous brand and career.

a) Indira Nooyi, 52 that works as Chairman & CEO (Pepsi).
b)Anne Mulcahy, 55 that works as Chairman & CEO Xerox (XRX)
c)Irene Rosenfeld, 55. Her work is handle kraft foods. Her position is Chairman & CEO (Kraft Foods).
d)Oprah Winfrey 54, is famous that you always see. She is position as Chairman (Harpo)
e)Angela Braly,  47, position in WLP is President & CEO (Wellpoint).
f)Brenda Barnes, 54. Position as Chairman & CEO (Sara Lee).
g)Ursula Burns , 50, work at Xerox(XRX) position as President(XRX)
i)Pat Woertz, 55. Position as Chairman, President & CEO Archer Daniels Midland Company.

Source:Wikipedia, go to Wikipedia for more information.


1.I always stole my parents money every week about $20 and I never caught about it.

2.I bored of study and at my age 14 years old I have been go to jail because racing on the road with bike and without license. I stay in prison in 1 week, what I get from prison is bread and hot water every morning and only eat 3 times a day.

3.I like to fight although I know it can make me hurt. When I was on 16, I fight with 27 people with my gang only 19 people and what is happen is I win that fighting although we all is not many as they gang. Bigger fighting is at the field and it happen when ends of years of school, 400+ hundred fight with400+. All the fighter is injured and more 40 of them caught by police.

4.I stole things in shop but I never get arrest by police. That I know is after 2 month the boss of that shop always stare at me when I came. I think he know my ass hole job.

5.I have bad tempers and it could be when someone not stop to talking at me in 30 minutes. When I get caught by mannerism teacher at toilet school because smoking and fighting, the teacher bring in discipline room. I have to hear they advice but I throw a glass to the teacher face because I have reach my tempered, after that I change to a new school because I removed from ass hole school and my habit not changes even I come to new mafia school.

6.The worst thing I do is bomb the principle motorcycle. The motorcycle is burn and after 4 days I get caught by police that reach me because the ass hole camera record my mafia behavior. After that I get in prison about 6 months and I go to new school that call school prisoner.

7.Weekend is time to get rest but I always use this time to become criminals that rob money at walkers area that walk at dark place. I get $ 2000 in a week, but bad thing happen is I rob a wrong person, I rob army. It is a bad day when the army just hold my knife and throw me at wall and hit me until I going to emergency room that called i.c.u. After 4 month I never do bad thing because my left hand is broken and it takes time to recover.

8.I get label with my neighbor as a criminals person. All my friends hate me, only my criminals gang just give me support and we make discussion, the result is stop to do rob and make money with open shop that sell kitchen things and household. Bad thing is I always fight with punk that come to my shop but I don't care because they are my customers, I try to be patient and when weekend come I find them all and hit them by cricket until they all cannot wake.

9.The military come to my house and give me advice to join military because before this I have rob army and get hit by army until going hospital. They advice me to stop mafia works and get change. The bad thing is I left my shop and join military, the profit is my shop give me money even i going right way but my friends have me.

10.No more bad thing happen after I join military and that change me a lot, but not change is my habit that love fighting.

Monday, February 28, 2011



IF  YOU FOLLOW ALL THE REALITY PROGRAM "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT"Obviously KNOW Piers MORGAN, THE PROGRAM judge. ALSO KNOWN AS APLANS HOS journalists and interviews. What to do about lily allen? iniyang yes I wantthe story, the story is very-very Piers want to interview the singer of the song "smile" is.Ready to send a letter of invitation kat lily, lily of the new but rather a miscarriage last year he was not interested but tells Piers ITV network bosses persuaded to donate 1.5million usd in the "Sands", a UK charity which helps parents losing a child (of death,miscarriage , victims of kidnapping and other). I don't need to enhance my career Piers, the only I would justify coming on your show would be to give money to a charity. A charity that helps women to overcome the jkind of grief that Ihave had experience. I'd do it for a miliion for "SANDS", Money, mouth? Those are my terms. I've got no interest in coming on your show, you've been asking me for a year," say LILY at Piers Twitter website. So brave this woman! respect!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekends GET lose your tension.

I think this weekend make me happy than before, because this day is my girlfriend birthday. One the afternoon I will go to buy a cake and some fresh water. After that I going to my girlfriend house, to give her surprise and don't forget to buy some flowers. I feel so lucky because in this two years I always going to the cinema with her. Always I remember is bring some chocolate and a bottle of orange to enjoy when I going at the beach. Sometimes we swim together and play with the water.

The lucky thing is I don't even feel tension and angry. I feel happy and relax, this make my tomorrow become easy and ready to going work. I have my own self opinion, I think if you get married you will be lucky person and always get your love.

Where you go, you lover follow you and don't feel alone and lonely. Going to beautiful place make you excited and try to travel to other country and have some picture that keep your memory on that time. Before this my life is far away from this, I lonely and just have a bored weekend. Finished my weekend with games, watching movies with old friend, and have some laugh. Now after I have girl that take care of me, I feel new thing come to my life, it is changing and allow me thinking about her everyday. More big thing is I have new hobbies and I learn new thing in every weekend and going to new place that I don't reach before.

Love is hard to describe, and tell or write. It is something you feel by yourself and what you feel. This weekend will be ending by this night, so I will going to dinner tonight. Sometimes when I going out I keep listen clearly of the conversation. I try to earn money from sell hand phone and some gadget. I want spend some of my money to our wedding on the next year.

Enjoy your weekend.